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Home Affairs Documents

Birth Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Death Certificate

Letter of No Impediment

Criminal Record

 • Police Clearance Certificate

Police Clearance Definitions

• Good conduct Certificate

Criminal Record Expungement

Apostille / Authentication and Notary Services


Apostille and Authentication of Birth/Marriage/Death/LNI

Educational Documents and Degrees

Business Documents

Medical Certificates

Embassy Legalisation

Notary Copies

Official Translations

Other Documents

Defence Force Exemption Letter

Duplicate Divorce Decrees

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Vehicle Transactions

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 • Vehicle License Renewal



Fees and Cost

If you need South African Documents to be RECOGNIZED AS A LEGAL DOCUMENT to be used in another country the document has to go through a ATTESTATION process which is known as APOSTILLE,  AUTHENTI- CATION or LEGALISATION .

We offer a fast and efficient service to get your documents Apostilled, Authenticated and Legalised.

These documents are not limited to but can include.

 • Home Affairs documents like birth    certificates, marriage certificates, death    certificates, letter of no Impediment.

 • South African Police Clearance Certificates.

 • Medical certificates.

 • Educational Qualifications

 • Company documents.

 • Notary Copies

For more Information and Details

• Apostille and Authentication

• Home Affairs documents Apostille and Authentication

• Educational Certificate Apostille and Authentication

• Medical Certificate Apostille and Authentication

• Educational Qualification Apostille and Authentication

• Company Documents Apostille and Authentication.

• Notary Copies Apostille and Authentication.

• Official translations Apostille and Authentication.

 Under certain circumstances a Clearance is Required to confirm the absence of criminal convictions. This Document is known in South Africa as a POLICE CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE.

We offer a fast and efficient service to obtain a South African Police Clearance Certificate

South African Police Clearance Certificate is issued by the Criminal Record Centre of the South African Police Service.

It is a official document which can be Apostilled and Authenticated for use in other countries.

Obtaining a Police Clearance certificate on your behalf is a simple process which entails.

 • Downloading the application forms

 • Obtaining fingerprints

 • If you are outside of South Africa either emailing us your electronic prints or scanning your prints to us.

Obtain all the information here.

Home Affairs Documents documents delivered to you in most cases within 20 working days or less. Apply on line and original delivered to your doorstep.

 • Abridged Birth Certificate ( 2 to 3 working days).

 • Unabridged Birth Certificates ( 10 to 20 working days if files are not in the archives)

Abridged Marriage Certificate ( 2 to 3 working days).

 • Unabridged Marriage Certificates ( 10 to 20 working days if files are not in the archives).

Abridged Death Certificate ( 2 to 3 working days).

 • Unabridged Death Certificates ( 10 to 20 working days if files are not in the archives).

 • Letter of No Impediment plus/minus 30 working days.

 These certificates can be Apostilled or Authenticated for use in other countries.

A hassle free process which entails.

 • Downloading the application forms.

 • Emailing the forms to us.

 • We apply and collect on your behalf.

 • Originals are delivered to your door step.

For more information go to:

Birth Certificates

Marriage certificates

Death Certificates

Letter of No Impediment

Under certain circumstances a Police Clearance is needed for Motor Vehicles.

 • Stolen Recovered Vehicles: It is important that a Stolen Recovered  Vehicle that is recovered must must be presented to  the SAPS to be police cleared.

 • Engine Change It is important that the e-natis system is updated with the new engine number. Omitting this process will result that a Road Worthy Certificate cannot be obtained and in the result of a insurance claim the identification of the vehicle can be compromised.

 • Built-up or scrapped vehicle to be re-introduced into the e-natis system

 • Vehicles imported into South Africa

 • Vehicle Export Police Clearance or a SARPCO Clearance is needed to export any vehicle  from South Africa.

 • When leaving South African Borders with your vehicle it is advisable to obtain a police  to confirm that the vehicle is not stolen.

GMTM Consultants is a Independent consultancy and we are not affiliated to any Government Departments. We deliver a specific service to individual and co-operate clients as a intermediary to obtain and authenticate official documents on their behalf. For this service we charge a service fee.