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We specialise in obtaining personal documents on behalf of clients one of our areas of expertise are the obtaining of Divorce Decrees and Settlement Agreements.

Unfortunately, we only obtain these documents in Courts situated in the Gauteng Area which include the following.

 • High Courts of Pretoria and Johannesburg.

 • Regional Courts of Pretoria and Johannesburg

 • Family and Magistrates Courts of Johannesburg and Pretoria which include.

•• Benoni

•• Germiston

•• Randburg

•• Randfontein

•• Roodepoort

•• Pretoria Central

•• Pretoria North.

 • We also search for divorce decrees in the National and Contracted Archives.

•• It has to be noted obtaining Divorce Cases from the Private Archives poses a problem due to a                    dispute between the Department of justice and the private archives.

1. The lead times: Lead times depends on where files are stored but are usually as follow;

 • Obtaining case, no on electronic data base: 3 to 7 work days.

•• Please note this can only be obtained for the latest divorce. Other must be hand searched on                  court rolls.

 • Obtaining case, no with hand search on court rolls: 7 to 20 work days. To be discussed with service     provider.

 • Obtaining Divorce Decree and Settlement Agreement:

•• Files stored at the different courts: 7 to 20 work days.

•• Files stored at the Government run archives: 10 to 20 work days.

•• Files stored at private archives: 2 to 6 months.

Unfortunately, we do not know where the files are stored until we commence with the search.

2. What do we need to obtain a divorce decree?

2.1. The divorce court name and case number.

2.1.1. If you do not have a case number and are not sure in which court the divorce case took place, we can search for the case number and court.

Download application form here.

• Kindly also add copies of the party’s ID where possible.

2.2. Under what circumstances will the case no not be on the electronic data base.

• When there was more than one divorce for the same person and the divorce is not the last divorce.

• When the divorce was not registered, and the person is still shown as married on the Population                Register.

2.3. What is the alternatives if we cannot find the divorce case no on the central data base?

The case no will have to be hand searched on the court rolls. As we do not have the manpower to do it we will forward your information to a MR W van Rijn who specialises in hand searches. He will contact you and discuss the further possibilities and costs.

3. Cost and fees:

3.1. Divorce Case No:

3.1.1. Electronic Search: This search is done on different Data Basses

• Obtaining Case, No: R 395

• Deposit Payable R 195 (This deposit is non-refundable)

3.1.2. Physical Search: The service provider will discuss fees with you.

3.2. Obtaining Divorce Decree and Settlement agreement: R 995 (Note: The settlement agreement is not         always on file then only the divorce decree is obtained.)

•If we obtained the Divorce case no or if the client supplied the case no a non-refundable deposit of

R 295 for the search of the divorce decree is payable.

Note: If clients supply case numbers and the case numbers are wrong or decree is not available the               client will be liable for 50% of the fee.

3.3. Apostille and Authentication Cost and Fees.

     • Apostille R 595

     • Authentication and Embassy Attestation R 1500 plus Embassy fees.

3.4. Courier Fees.

    • Door to door domestic R 150

    • Door to door International R 675

Either Call us or Email Us.

Tel: (012) 6709010 0r (012) 6709022

Email: info@gmtm.co.za

Public Office Hours

Monday to Friday 8:00 to 15:00

Phycical Address:

57 Swarthout Street, Doringkloof, Centurion, 157

Cell: 0847696000 / 0791293224