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Official and Authenticated Translations are done of documents where the target country does not accept the issue language. This is especially true of documents issued in Afrikaans.

A translation is done by a Official Translator Registered at the High Court where after the High Court Authenticates the translation. This translation is then deemed as the original document.

Down Load Complete the inquiry form or Email us at dgsainfo1@gmail.com

or call us on (012) 6709010 or (012) 6709022

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Lead Time

   • 2 to 10 work days but dependant on availability of translater.

We can save you the hassle by arranging collection of your fingerprints inside and outside of South Africa.

Download Application for Collection here.


1. Download the Apostille/ Authentication Quotation Request

    and email to dgsainfo1@gmail.com.

2.  We will work out the cost and revert back with a cost


3. Courier the following to us ( Courier address) or arrange for our

    couriers to collect:

 Client sheet

 • Original documents.

4. On receipt of the documents we will.

4.1. Send u a invoice.

4.2. On receipt of the required Deposit we  will start the Notary Process.

5. On Completion we will.

5.1. Send a final invoice.

5.2. On receipt of the final amount we will courier the documents to your destination of choice

Documents Needed

 • Client sheet and instruction letter..

 • Original Documents

When Required

Translations are usually done when the language in which a document is issued is not acknowledged by the target country.

Knowledge Base

A translation done by a Official Translator registered at the High Court and authenticated by the High Court has the same legal status as the original document.