Letter of No Impediment

South African Letter of No Impediment are issued by the Department of Home Affairs.

  • The Letter of No Impediment, also known as the Free to Marry Letter is a official document issued by the Department of Home Affairs confirming an individual’s marital status.
  • This document is usually required for a South African whom plans to get married abroad as well as on occasion for immigration purposes.
  • This document can be Apostilled / Authenticated
  • This document is usually valid   



Documents needed to apply for a Letter of No Impediment through us.

  • Client sheet with your contact details
  • Authorization for GMTM to obtain the LOI Certificate on your behalf.
  • Certified copy of your ID not older than 3 months.
  • Application Form
  • We can assist in expediting the issue of a LOI.

Process To Obtain a Letter of No Impediment Through Us.

  • Email an enquiry to us
  • We will send a cost estimate with requirements and instructions.
  • You courier the required documents to us.
  • We will send an invoice with the required deposit.
  • Documents will be processed.
  • On completion, documents will be scanned to you for courier authorization.
  • Documents will be couriered as per Instruction.

Estimated Lead Times.

Lead times are estimates and are determined by the relevant Government Departments.

We can assist with expedited lead times.

At this stage, there is a huge backlog, and we only take in 5 applications per week.

We will confirm lead times on a weekly basis.

Cost and Fees

Email or call us.

Email: info@gmtm.co.za

Tell: (012) 6709020

The Do-It-Yourself Route.

  • You apply direct to any Home Affairs Office.
  • We can assist with expediting the application