Police Clearance Certificate

Police Clearance Certificate is a Record of a Persons Criminal Record or the lack of such offences.

In South Africa, the Criminal Record Center of the SA Police Service is the administrators of the Police Clearance Service.

The Criminal Records is maintained by keeping a record of the offence linked to the person’s fingerprints. Police Clearance is obtained by scanning a person’s fingerprints against the database of known offenders. If the person was found guilty of an offence his/her fingerprint will be registered on the Data Base linked to the offence. When a so-called hit has been established the file is obtained from the relevant court for confirmation. After this Back Gound Check a Police Clearance certificate is issued.

In the case of a Criminal Record being present an addendum is affixed to the PCC showing the offence.

Why is it that an old criminal record and especially a minor offence did not show up on Police Clearances and suddenly now shows up?

There are two reasons namely.

  • The first one is that the systems are updated regularly, especially with older and minor offences.
  • The second reason has nothing to do with updating but with admissions of guilt paid and forgotten about. Admissions of guilt are the same as a conviction and will show on your PCC.

The Lead Times are unpredictable due to a backlog of over 85000 applications which build up over time due to covert and.

  • Electricity being cut off due to nonpayment.
  • Lockout due to non-payment of rent.



Lead Times.

Due to backlogs, there are delays in Lead Times.

We can assist in Expedited Lead Times under certain circumstances.

Contact us for Expedited PCC

Documents needed to apply for a PCC through us.

  • Client sheet with your personal and contact details
  • Authorization for us to obtain the Police Clearance Certificate on your behalf.
  • Certified copy of your ID not older than 3 months.
  • Full set of fingerprints.
  • If you need the certificate to show both your married and maiden name a copy of your marriage certificate.
  • If you have been married more than once and need a certificate in your previous surname, a copy of your divorce decree.

Process To Obtain a Police Clearance Through Us.

  • Email an enquiry to us
  • We will send a cost estimate with requirements and instructions.
  • You courier the required documents to us.
  • We will send an invoice with the required deposit.
  • Documents will be processed.
  • On completion, documents will be scanned to you for courier authorization.
  • Documents will be couriered as per Instruction.

Cost and Fees

Cost and Fees will be confirmed via email.

Email or call us.

Email: info@gmtm.co.za

Tell: (012) 6709020

The Do-It-Yourself Route.

  • There are two routes if you want to do it yourself. The first is by applying through your local SAPS and the second is by sending your application direct to the SAPS in Pretoria.
  • Both routes start with obtaining fingerprints at SAPS.

At this stage, there is a huge backlog at the Criminal Record Centre.

We can arrange Expedited Police Clearance certificates


The Head: Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management (For attention: Police Clearance Certificates)
South African Police Service
Private Bag X308
South Africa


The Head: Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management (For attention: Police Clearance Certificates)
South African Police Service
Bothongo Plaza West
CRC Client Service Centre
1st Floor, Room 14
271 Francis Baard Street