Tertiary Qualification Authentication

What is the South African Qualifications Authority?

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) is the oversight body of the NQF and the custodian of its values and quality character.

Functions of SAQA

The role of SAQA, as stipulated in the NQF Act, is to advance the objectives of the NQF, oversee the further development and implementation of the NQF, and co-ordinate the Sub-Frameworks. SAQA’s functions are set out in section 13 of the NQF Act, which, in summary, mandates SAQA to:

  • Oversee NQF implementation and collaborate with the Quality Councils
  • Develop and implement NQF policies and criteria
  • Register qualifications and part-qualifications on the NQF
  • Recognize professional bodies and register professional designations
  • Undertake research and collaborate with international counterparts
  • Maintain the National Learners’ Records Database
  • Provide an evaluation and advisory service with respect to foreign qualifications
  • Inform the public about the NQF
  • Provide advice to the Minister of Higher Education and Training

Umalusi’s role in education and training in South Africa

Umalusi Council sets and monitors standards for general and further education and training in South Africa in accordance with the National Qualifications Framework Act No 67 of 2008 [as amended] and the General and Further Education and Training Quality Assurance Act No 58 of 2001 [as amended].

The Council is tasked with the development and management of a sub-framework of qualifications for general and further education and training and for the attendant quality assurance.

Umalusi is currently responsible for the certification of the following qualifications:


  • Senior Certificate amended (SCa) – continues as a revised qualification for adults
  • National Senior Certificate (NSC)

TVET Colleges:

  • National Technical Certificate (N3)
  • National Certificate Vocational (NCV)

Adult Learning Centres:

  • General Education and Training Certificate: Adults (GETC)

In order to issue learners with certificates that are credible, Umalusi:

  • Develops and evaluates qualifications and curricula to ensure that they are of the expected standard;
  • Moderates assessment to ensure that it is fair, valid and reliable;
  • Accredits providers of education and training, and assessment;
  • Conducts research to ensure educational quality;
  • Verifies the authenticity of certificates.



Documents needed to apply for Tertiary Qualification Authentication through us.

  • Client sheet with your contact details
  • Authorization for GMTM to obtain the Qualification Authentication on your behalf.
  • Certified copy of your ID not older than 3 months.
  • Application Form

Process To Obtain a SAQUA or Umalusi Qualification Authentication Through Us.

  • Email an enquiry to us
  • We will send a cost estimate with requirements and instructions.
  • You courier the required documents to us.
  • We will send an invoice with the required deposit.
  • Documents will be processed.
  • On completion, documents will be scanned to you for courier authorization.
  • Documents will be couriered as per Instruction.

Estimated Lead Times.

Lead times are estimates and are determined by the relevant Government Departments.

We can assist with expedited lead times.

At this stage, there is a huge backlog, and we only take in 5 applications per week.

We will confirm lead times on a weekly basis.

Cost and Fees

Email or call us.

Email: info@gmtm.co.za

Tell: (012) 6709020

The Do-It-Yourself Route.

  • You apply direct to any Home Affairs Office.
  • We can assist with expediting the application