When a document is in a language not used by another country the document can be translated and the translation can then be Apostilled or Authenticated and Attested by an Embassy.

The translation must be done by a sworn translator who is registered at the High Court.

We have sworn translators, registered at the High Court for most Common Languages and can source translators for any language. 


The Process and Requirements will be:

  • Apostille or authenticate the original document.
  • Get the document translated by an Official Translator Registered at The High Court.
  • Get the Translation Authenticated or Apostilled at the high court.

Documents Needed for a Sworn Translation through Us.

  • Client sheet with your contact details
  • Authorization for GMTM to obtain the Translation on your behalf.

Process to Obtain a Sworn Translation Through Us.

  • Email an enquiry to us
  • We will send a cost estimate with requirements and instructions.
  • You courier the required documents to us.
  • We will send an invoice with the required deposit.
  • Documents will be processed.
  • On completion, documents will be scanned to you for courier authorization.
  • Documents will be couriered as per Instruction.

Estimated Lead Times.

Lead times are estimates and are determined by the relevant Government Departments.

We can assist with expedited lead times.

We will confirm lead times on a weekly basis.

Cost and Fees

Email or call us.


Tell: (012) 6709020

The Do-It-Yourself Route.

  • You look for a sworn translator